Dylan Canfield & Zach MCCREERY

Zach McCreery, New Jersey native, joins Dylan on stage as his lead guitarist. Offering leads and solo's that replicate some of the greats, Zach's riffs are fun and a perfect touch to Dylan's rhythm guitar. Dylan & Zach played familiar spots around Delaware in 2022... Big Oyster Brewery, Chesapeake & Maine, Grain On The Rocks, Revelation, and more. While exploring their original material, they also embark in playing a wide range of music. Being mostly inspired by Classic Rock/Folk/Indie/Pop Punk, etc, Dylan & Zach hope to give the listener a chance to hear some of their favorite songs. You'll be sure to hear artists like Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Harry Styles, John Mayer, The Bee Gees, and the list goes on.


*Dylan Canfield Trio adds in a cajon to the set. Larry Cope accompanies Dylan & Zach, to bring more of a full band sound.

Dylan Canfield Trio